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Wife and I have been hearing this bleating sound for a few days now and it’s been driving. me. NUTS. We were convinced it was a sheep, probably obtained by our neighbors (who also happen to own chickens). 

First: we don’t live in a ‘farm’ area. We live by a park, in a crappy street, and the people in question live in a run-down 1-story apartment unit that shares a back yard with other apartments. (This place has been shut down and reopened so many times in the 5 years I’ve lived here.) We live right off the freeway. So goats and chickens are really not appropriate animals to have around here anyway, especially not in a back yard.

Second: I went outside today and was actually able to see it wasn’t a sheep, but a goat. Now, it’s COLD outside. This poor thing is shivering like crazy and has ZERO cover to even go into to get out of the wind. There are a few pieces of trash (pictured) lying around: really not safe with something like a goat that is likely to eat it. Lastly, I don’t see food or water. (To be fair, I can’t see the entire back yard, but the part the goat keeps hanging out it there is none.)

I called the Sacramento city to find out what to do, and they said it was technically “out of the city limits” (so I don’t understand why we’re called ‘Sacramento’, then. Stupid.) and to call the county. I did. I explained to the county guy and his exact words:

Him: “That’s a Monday through Friday problem. Call back on Monday.”

Me: “So…the goat is supposed to just suffer until then?”

Him: “Yep.”

Yep. YEP. YEP?! Let’s leave your kid out in the cold with no food or water for the weekend and see if you say ‘yep’ then. 

I have a number of the animal shelter, but they don’t open until 12. I’ll give them a try as soon as they open, but I’m worried they’ll tell me there’s nothing they can do. 

Any suggestions on what else to try? Should I just make a noise complaint just to get the cops out here or what?

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  1. caalsio answered: i’ve totally been worrying about this goat, thank you for updating. ;3; hope he’s in better hands now
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    Goat update: Zero sign of him today. I was worried something not-so-good had happened, however my land lady (who lives...
  4. whimes answered: aww i want it! but i have no idea how old this post is lol
  5. slightlyexisting answered: call the SPCA. the same exact thing happened to me with these dogs behined my house.
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    ugh! this is so upsetting. i know he’s not ‘wildlife’ but is there maybe a wildlife rescue center that you can contact...
  7. puzzle163 answered: Poor little guy. =( I hope animal control can rescue him and get him to a nice new home on a real farm.
  8. realisticnonsense answered: i would’ve stolen that goat in a heartbeat. :( how sad. hope the goat gets taken and found a good home!
  9. sillydragpoes said: You could always call a vet office and ask for shelters that would take the animal right away.